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i add gumtex to fondant ( i have never made a proper gumpaste out of the gum-tex) but i cann't tel you exactly how much i add because i never measure. i usually make a ball of fondant and i dip it in the gum-tex then i knead it in and can feel if i need to add more or not. if it still feels soft i dip it again. that would be most probabry around 1/4th of a teaspoon for a golfball sized ball of fondant.
Rezzycakes,I use fondant and i just add gumtex to it but only for the parts that have to hold or stand.i bought that mexican modelling paste. i will not buy it again. it was ok to work with for sure it does hold up much better but nothing special. i still have a little left in the freezer i use the leftover of it as a gumtex kind of 50/50 with fondant. works for the taste of it i have to say i thought it tasted like there was some flour in it kind of a funny...
Libs, your work is awesome! I love, love, love your fairy! sooo real!
to paint on a darker base you can mix the colors with bright white. works great!
your cakes are great! For the background i love when the background is blurred. You could try to blur the draped background? i think it would make the cakes stand out. ( just a thought)
Thank you! My website needs still a lot of improvements but it is better than not having a website at all.Also, i wouldn't mind making another tutorial for something that you would like to see. So if you have something in mind, let me know and will try and make it.
hi,these are just so beautiful. When i saw them i thought the the shape could be created with butterfly cutter just adding the head and the leg part.It depends how many do you need to make but if it is just few you could try to press lightly the shape of butterfly on the cookie dough and then just cutting it with sharp knife to add the leg and head part. Not that i know much about cookies but just a thought.
After all this trouble with doras figure, here is the final cake. I am pretty happy with the result. hope you like it too!
i tightly wrap the piece in a cling film and then in a ziplock. i dont freeze or refrigerate it.
Tiny amount of gumtex that you will add to the fondant to make a figure will not change the taste of the fondant.
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