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I wanted some mini cakes on my website for people to see. (so, because i was lazy) i only covered few small mini cakes and changed the decorations on top. then glued them to a kind of a picture for my website.Only problem is that now every time i see it i feel like i cheated just please give me your very honest opinion when looking at this if they look that they are the same cake just with a difference on the decoration part. thanksLiis
Wow! this is an amazing cake. if i was asked to make a cake this detailed and size i wouldn't do it under 700$
i try to help you, but i know some people would do it differently, this is how i would go about it.1. i wouldn't make it on the dowel ( dowel could by accident just go through the whole body and break your figure2. i would try to make as much possible from one piece of fondant. then you wouldn't have to glue the hands on. toothpicks will not really help with attaching the hands. instead make a fondant glue ( few drops of water and some fondant mix it up to a thick paste...
i used americolor black and wow!!!! so black that it couldn't be more black.( i made the notes for my last cake) you can buy it from cc if you have time.Also make the black one day earlier and leave it in the airtight to mature overnight gets even darker.
i had the same problem always til i had to make 57 minis... practiced and i was ready to cry but finally i got the trick1. try to cut your fondant to the size you need not toomuch extra and make sure it will not be too small. also dont roll it too thin or leave it too thick2. i have found that when i place fondant on the cake ( light blue circle) i have to always leave space between bottom of the cake and fondant ( orange arrows) when you lay the fondant on and cann't...
i use instead of the marsmallows marsbars. and it comes out very very yummy and has never fallen a pot melt some butter and cut mars into small pieces melt them into a smooth mass and then add rice krispies. mix them up and shape.
very cute cake!
KrisD13, yes i saw it later. sorry.
from my experience working with fondant and gum-tex together, it makes the fondant dry much faster and it holds the shape better too i don't think anybody mentioned that adding gumtex to fondant turns fondant to a gumpaste it does make fondant easier to work with and reduces the drying time. you also can roll fondant out very very thin.spoiled1, IMO 50 50 is even too much 30 to 60 is great and so is just added gumtex. try it and you will see what works the best for you.
Oh gapi, that cutter makes me jelous
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