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one more
thanks! these are not the cakes unfortunatly, nothing comes out with the search. i have searched with every possible option, still cann't find it but i know here is one... somewhere.
Bump, Just wondering if there is any Ratchet cakes out there?
looks delicious and not busy at all! PERFECT!
i don't know if odd, but sometimes it makes me wonder about comments that, the cakes that took me time and i was kind of more proud of them get less comment than the easier ones. anyway, people have different tastes and what seems interesting for one might not be as much for the other.what i find odd, when looking in the gallery is pictures that are favourite of for example 6 people and only one comment.
djinn, your cake is great! such a happy colors too,and i love your avatar picture... soo cute!
Hi,I remember that someone posted ratchet and clanck 3d cake . it was a long time ago. for sure more than 6months ago. Did the search, couldn't find it. please if you know,or if you are the one who made it give me a link. This will help me a lot!Thanks!Liisps. or if you have any other links ouside cc for ratchet i would love those too.My 2 year old ( ok almost3 now) refuses to have any other cake for his birthday than rachet ...and i was dreaming of making cute little...
Hi emma,i am so sorry this happened to you. Your cake is amazing and your recepie sound delicious!about the separator plates... did you buy it from lindy smith site? i have been drooling over these for the last year. these type of separators really make a difference.
Thank you all so so much !!! I have decided not to take them off my site and hopefuly get some new orders out of them. Thanks, because without you i would have not been confident enough to keep the little cheated mini cakes on my site.
Thank you guys . You are the best! Maybe i can get a peace of mind now. i just never thought that it would bother me so much.Khufstetler, how nice if you could come here... i could give you a tour around here and show the best restaurants etc... ( i am not cypriot myself but i have to say i love it here... especially for the kids, no need for heavy winter clothes, beaches are so close by, and people are sooo very friendly too.)
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