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Your work is amazing!!! are they from gumpaste? wow!!!
Thanks,i will trie very fast to explane and will make you a pictorial later this weekI did the legs first added gumtex to fondant i also have a mexican moddeling paste in the freezer made into small balls. so when i need the fondant to dry very fast i add to it ittle gumtex and 1/3 of mexican modeling paste and 2/3 of fondant and knead it well.made the legs and let them dry maybe for an hour. then made body and hands. You dont really need to add gumtex to the body. Then...
Thank you all so much! The client loved it too. I just hope she will get it to the party today witout breaking pieces off. i told her that i could deliver myself today but she was such a nice lady and didn't want to bother me on sunday. And this cake was a very last minute order, i almost turned it down because she called me on wednesday. But i am happy that i took it.This always happens to me that one week i have nothing and next week i may get 4,5 cakes. I would have...
here is some more pictures and the whole cake.
Hi all, I ususally don't post cakes in the forum but i think this one kind of deserves it. Took me long to make and i am proud of it. My client wanted a cake that would have two friends walking on the beach road ( they do that every morning) the other people are the usual crowd in our beach road... exept for the mermaid.Thanks for looking feedback is very welcome. (i take critisim too, please)
I would choose nr 1 from your designs.i changed the design a little and this is what i would do. i think i also would stick some thin metal wires on top and maybe with little red hearts or stars on them
they are all so cute, i love your sheep the most!
there is a tutorial by nati
adorable! great cake!
i have one in my photos if you want to see
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