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hello there, i don't live in us so i think i cann't be much of help. i have was looking around one site called i think they might have boxes like that. Have a nice day all! you can translate to greek.
excellent cake!
i didn't check the link but i think it was ellepal's fantastic cake.
Love them! sooo cute! the pink is my favourite!
i think that if you would leave out the colouring it would still be amazingly purple. look at this purple yam. guess it is like a potatoe?
i love both babies! so cute!
Overnight fondant will not dry hard. People will not break their teeth. Fondant even when it is dry is still very fragile. If you were to make them from gumpaste then yes i think it will dry to stone and you should tell people but fondant - No.
your cakes are amazing!i think that right now i like my dragon cake the most. Here is the link:
I think also that the whimsy and happy tea cups and teapot would be so cute!
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