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to make a 3d cake in this shape i think as your first cake it would be a tough project. easier solution would be making a round cake and making a figure on top. You don't really need too many tools either. you need fondant to cover the cake. and food colours ( paste- not liquid), rolling pin,sharp knife, tooth pick, circle cutter ( or you can cut the circle out with knife also) and make some thick paste of fondant and water to glue the pieces together. I have to say that...
Hi,long time to post anything but the shoe box is funny! I had a bride in the shop last week. She looked at my "little" 4 tier fake cake and said , oh you know this is way too small for me. i want a big cake like 5-6 tiers. ok. ( wow i think, that must be the bride of my dreams... do whatever you want ) so she goes on and on and on... for 1h and i agree to draw up some samples and send her exact quotation of the price. Then she is ready to leave and drops the bomb. You...
i have packed them in cellobags. not the creamy ones though. fondant covered. it is pain... make the little bows with the ribbon etc. cheaper than the boxes though. whatever you choose boxes or bags you wish you had charged separately for packaging. another bad thing with cellobags is the transportation as you cann't really put them on top of each other. so you will need big low boxes to give them away. good luck!
if it is purpleish add a little green to kill it. but yep to get black you need for sure a lot of black ... little brown and green to kill the red/purple shade.
i don't really do repeats i always change something. but i don't like cakes that have a lot of red red or black on it. i hate making these two colours and i think it really horrible to feed black or red fondant to the kids... mickey mouse for example.
I am sorry i tried not to comment, and let rania do it but i just cann't not all the cakes uploaded by zcdzcd are from the russian link ( and i hope she is the owner of that site) you gave us pollymaggs. one cake is made by Rania and is taken/stolen from our website:that is ranias : this is what zcdzcd uploaded:
Thank you so so so much!!!! you are a life saver!
hi all,i have a little problem and i cann't figure it out. cake base width is 1cm then the ribbon has to be 1cm, which is 0.39 inches but in the shop the withs are written in 7/8" is how many cm?5/8'' is how many centimeters3/8"?i am sorry if it is such a stupid qustion , i tried the lenght conversion sites but they all give them in normal numbers. fractions are no no for me
sorry about my spelling in the last post. i don't know what happened to is a link for boxes in papermart:
hello there, i don't live in us so i think i cann't be much of help. i have was looking around one site called i think they might have boxes like that. ave a nice day all!
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