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I didn't do a Bob the builder but I've done two John Deere cakes in my photos. Hope they help.
Have you ever heard of the pickle ornament and whoever finds the pickle in the tree will have good luck? maybe you could make the pickle ornament with meaning of it attached.
I near Ardmore, OK. Lived here all my life.
Maybe you could something along the lines of popcorn/movie theme and include a couple of movie tickets.
I have a hunting/camo cake in my photos but not as detailed as most of these ladies. I just dabed different colors directly onto the cake and then smoothed it out and doing so blended them ok. I also used cinnamon sticks for a more "woody" look.
Has any used a pizza dough roller for fondant use?
I have actaully done this before at my office. I was responsible for doing monthly "birthday" parties so one month, I made cupcakes and had different bags of icing with different colors, tips, sprinkles, spatulas, etc. for everyone to decorate their own cupcake. These were executive men and ladies and everyone had a blast. They LOVED it. It was fun, you should do that.
I made a hand recently and instead of laying it flat, fold the fingers in. I molded it after my husband's hand from fondant. A photo of it is in my photos. Hope it helps.
I've submitted it online under galleries. Let me know if you can't find it.
I made a trout cake last week. It is a trout, but a little too fat. I used a football pan for the fish and airbrushed color on buttercream icing. hope it helps. I can email a picture if you like.
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