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I think they need more colored photos... I never bought any of those books yet.
My kid's school doesn't allow baked goods given out either. They must be packed and store bought...Now I know why! These sick thoughts never crossed my mind, it really upsets me!
I love anything egyptian so this is really interesting to see how yours turned out...Let us know what you came up with and post some pics! Thanks
dodibug-that's how i was doing it and i felt i wasted the fruit because i was cutting alot of the meat with the skin...oh well, i'll try more patiently next time..i was soooo anxiously wanting to eat the darn kiwi...dlp-i'll try that method...that sounds pretty neat to do. when you do it this way, the skin doesn't tear? Thanks girls...
How do you perfectly peel a kiwi? I bought some the other day and had the hardest time peeling them...I used a paring knife and kind of cut around the fruit to get the thin peel off but felt like I was wasting a lot of fruit this way...the peel is so thin that is sort of sticks to the fruit...thanks
Antonia stands out of this site without a doubt. It really isn't a surprise that they picked your photo...You are totally amazing and your creations have awed and inspired me since day one. Helen aka Antonia has been nothing but NICE and generous to me and I'm sure all of us, whenever I had any questions..And she ALWAYS replies in a genuine and caring attitude.She totally deserves the spotlight...SOAK IT UP HELEN!You definitely are the BEST out of all of us!
Oh, forgot to ask, how much did you pay for it? Isn't it expensive?
Do tell us of your results...I've always wanted that book, you lucky girl!
Congratulations! As far as the inspection, did you already have a seperate kitchen in your home? Or did you have to do renovations. Based on my understanding, there is a specific sink, stove, and everything else required to be legal..Thanks in advance.
Does this exist for the public to have? I'm referring to a cupcake from "Sprinkles". Of course, I don't want their exact recipe but is there a version out there? Has anyone tried a good one? Thanks
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