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Is for the one with 3 cups of flour (the old wilton sugar cookie one)
I add 1 1/2 tsp of pumpkin spice to my receipe and I really like it!
Te recomiendo que hagas la pregunta en el foro en español alli hay muchas chicas de Puerto Rico que te oueden ayudar
That's what I was worried about !
Has anyone added chocolate chips to the hershey's cake? Do you think it will mess it up if I did?
Gracias por la informacion, yo cobrare por servings. Solo tenia curiosidad por que no me podia imaginar como cobrar por libra
Si eso es lo que voy a hacer Si alguien sabe please dejenme saber tengo curiosidad anyway!
Una amiga que es dominicana me pregunto si yo cobraba el cake por libra. Yo nunca habia escuchado esto, solo por servicios o el tamaño del cake. Alguien sabe algo acerca de esto?
I was wondering if I can add more flour, sugar (maybe another 1/2 cup or a whole one of each ) maybe another egg and extract? some times I need a little more batter but not enough to make an extra whole receipe.Any experince or sugestions?
Thanks a lot for your reply !!
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