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Insert the wires into the cake on the vertical sides same way on horizontal surface, but the big and heavy flowers on surface, and small one on vertical ( used plastic wrap the the wires)
I did this cake, but from somebody's idea
put the cake in box, then store in refrigerate (1 or 2 days it was still OK). I did same that way with birthday cakes and wedding cakes .
Hi Kory, Congratulations!!! That's awesome!Thanh Thanh
Just ice the sheet boards and decorate
My Ladybug
How about brownes ?
cupcakes ?? with chocolate butterceam on top and fondant fall leaves - at least $ 1.50
I don't know why I can't post my pics on this forum. You can click "Photos" to see some of them that I just post today.Thanks all for your nice compliments !!!!
I added alittle bit chocolate into these color : red, egg yellow, orange, green
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