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I have never done a five tiered cake before and I am a little nervous. Do you guys use the cardboard cake circles under the cakes and then just dowel like normal or do you use something else. I am just a little worried about the weight. I would normally use a heavy thick board under the bottom cake and then the cardboard cake circles under the other cakes. Is this what I should do?
I have to do a 16" cake for a wedding next weekend and I am not sure how to get the second layer on. The first layer I will just turn out onto the board and then I will put on the filling, but how do I get the second layer on top without it cracking. I thought I had heard of people using a cake board and then sliding it off but it seems to me that it would stick to the board. Can anyone tell me how they do it? Also, I am doing a five tier for 200 which will work if I...
That is insane. Be proud of yourself for knowing when to say no. I find myself feeling like I should always say yes and then I am working like a crazy person on some insane cake that I am making no money on.
Thanks so much for all the info. Anyone else have any tips?
I am just wondering what everyone rolls their fondant out on when covering a cake. I have the wilton mat and I don't really like it. I bought a Roll-pat, like a silicone mat, which I love but it is not big enough to roll out on when I want to cover a cake. Do you just dust your counter top? If so, what do you do when using colored fondant. Doesn't the cornstarch show all over the fondant? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much. I am putting it in the fridge now.
I left my brand new can of crisco on top of the stove while I baked a cake. It got hot and not it is liquid. Can I use it for icing when it cools and goes back to solid? I really don't want to spend another $3.50 for another can. I need it today. Do you think I can use it?
I have made little cakes and covered them with candy melts and I thought it was a disaster. Maybe I am just doing it wrong. I made a sheet cake and then cut out biscuit sized rounds. I then covered with white candy melts. I found it to be impossible to get smooth and I had to put several coats on them, it was a major pain. I know there are some little cakes in the Wilton Yearbook that are covered with poured fondant. I would try that.
I have a friend who ices all her cakes frozen. She never has a problem and her cakes are gorgeous. I have never tried it myself. Good luck.
Thanks for the info.
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