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Thanks, I figured that but since I do not have a replacement cost and didn't purchase it, I was hoping for some suggestions on a value. I believe i'm in the right ball park on price but would love some input. Thanks!
Good Evening!!   I've wanted to start renting my cake, cupcake and cake pop stands but have not had the time to sit down and sort out pricing and deposits. I've decided on 30% of value for rental plus deposit of total replacement cost. Here is my issue, I have a cake pop stand, pictured below. I made a cake and cake pops for my best friends wedding as her gift and her father made this gorgeous stand which they gave to me because they had no use for it after the wedding....
Thanks, belindaking! I did try that by just adding a cake board to a "recipe" and it wouldn't show up when I tried to make a quote :-( Thinking I will try and use it as a tool to help in my pricing. At least to know my cost better. I have Cake Boss but I no longer us that as it's seems very time consuming and I wasn't happy with the prices it was giving me and I didn't like the look of the invoice. I use quickbooks and send my quotes/invoices through there anyway. Maybe I...
Thanks, Paperfish. I added those things as ingredients but when making a quote, I only have the option to add a recipe to the quote. It has me enter a cost for a Delivery "task" but then no option to add a task to my quote. HELP! I know people must use this app :-)
I downloaded the Cakeulator app months ago and never used it, just didn't feel like entering all of the data. I currently use a price per serving but still feel like I undercharge. So tonight I decided to give it a go. I entered all of my ingredients and a recipe, I started a quote, added my recipe but then needed to add the cake base and box. As well as decorating time and delivery time. Does anyone know how to add these items?
I have a customer who wants a carved Jordan Shoe cake sitting on top of a shoe box. I would use a 12x18 for the shoe (54 servings) and an 11x15 for the box (35 servings)   So I have a total of 89 servings before carving. For fondant I start at $4.00/serve which would put it at $356. This seems insane to me! My cost for for the cake supplies would be MAX of $70 if I order fondant which I would for this as it's more stable than my homemade. And time should take 9-12...
Great suggestion manddi! I'm really excited about this cake, the design she wants is beautiful!
Do you think my idea would work? I am heading there today and will look for it.
  Any ideas on how the script is put onto the sides of this cake? I have searched for the original designer and am not coming up with anything. My thought is some sort of stamp with gel colors on it. Any suggestions would be helpful, I have a bride requesting something similar and I want to be sure I can accomplish this design. Thanks in adavnce!
Thank you sooooo much!! I am no pro at gumpaste flowers, have only made a few. I will certainly be practicing with hopes of early success and be able to use them for the actual cake. I will look up his recipe as I currently only use premade gumpaste (due to lack of time with the ones I have made) I will more than likely have some more questions! I greatly appreciate the advice of everyone and the offers for continued support. The wedding isn't until November, plenty of time!
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