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I need some help figuring out how much to charge per serving on a topsy turvy cake for a birthday celebration. Is it different than a wedding topsy turvy cake? I will cover the cake with fondant.Thank for your help
I use the plastic dowels from Wilton and cut them to size, they are very sturdy and hold up nice. I believe they are 8" tall so depending how tall your cakes are depends how many packages you need. In regards to the flowers you can wrap the stems with strips of plastic wrap and stick them in the cake. On the top it's best to arrange the flowers in a flower bowl and place that on the top. For the bases I have my father in law cut me a circle 4" bigger than the biggest cake...
I have the same request, if any one finds out who is reponsible for this myth I want to know as well!!!!The way I explain it to people is that the dummy costs me more than the real cake, I have to use the same materials as a real cake and I have to decorate it the same as a real cake. Since everything is the same I charge the same as if it was a real cake or even more in some occasions. The only way it ever saves money if a bride wants a smaller cake to show and sheets in...
Well, I normally ask for how many and a rough idea of what kind of cake/style and flavor. This will give you a feel for your customer. Just because you get a call that does not mean you have to make the cake. I have found that some cakes are not worth the emotional trouble, specially if it's your first wedding cake. I advise you to have a meeting in person with this person, and talk about shapes and layers, colors, themes, icings, flowers. And last of course the price.
Piping your plaque on wax paper works wonders, I have never been that great with egg whites so I prefer to use the meringue powder instead and all the water a little at a time. I have found that for better color, brighter colors I will make the plaque in white and hand painted it with icing colors diluted with any clear spirit like vodka, rum, gin, etc. I have also added sparkle dust to the colors to give it a shimmery effect. One thing to beware of is try not to saturate...
Oooopppsss, I forgot to give you the link for the recipe.
The chocolate candy bar cake is just delicious and it holds very well in a tier cake, and the fondant keep it very moist. I made a wedding cake last year with each layer a different chocolate variation, however this was a hit. This layer ran out very, very fast and people were asking for more. I am currently working on another chocolate wedding cake and all the layers will be the same chocolate candy bar cake. Good luck on your cake!!!!
Use cakeboards instead of plates inbetween layers. This will make your cake stronger and it won't butcher your lower layer as you're cutting the upper layer. Also the plastic dowels are wider and can also be cut, this are better than wood. My first stacked cake I did not use anything in between and when it came to cutting it the lower layers were just butchered, it did not look pretty on the plate!!
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