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Thanks again everybody! The only place Ive bben able to buy paper clay is at Michaels. It is easy to work with once you get the hang of it. It is an all natural product made of clay and paper, it is similar to paper mache. I have been doing craft shows and have been selling my stuff there but it SO much work. So maybe Ill check out some bakeries to see if they would be interested! Oh, you dont have to bake it, it air dries, but if you want to speed up the process you...
You guys are all so kind!!!!! Thanks for all the compliments! Paper clay is awesome, I actually started with polymer clay, and I will never go back!!! Polymer clay has plastic in it, making it so it is not food safe. Also it is VERY heavy, where as Paper Clay is not, it is very light weight. As far as moisture is concerned only the base of the sculpture would touch the cake so, I would put some sort of paper barrier. Feel free to ask more questions!
Ok, so here is the deal. I decorated cakes for a couple years, and now I working in paper clay. It is totally food safe, completely non toxic. All of these pieces are made of paper clay and I think they would make cute cake toppers for special occasions. So, not only could you use them at weddings, but Christmas, Easter, birthdays, whatever! What do ya think?
It looks like a Margaret Braun to me! She does some amazing stuff!
Cute!!! Awesome job!
Sorry Mrs Missey! I actually took the pic with my camera, but I totally understand that you had to take the pic down!
Thanks so much everybody!!!! Mailbox News is a Cake Decorating magazine! I bet if you guys were to submit your photos they would print them, its more a magazine for hobby cake decorators not professional, I think that is why they published my pic. The actual cake is the chicken cake, its in my photos! Thanks again everybody!
Ok, I dont want to seem obnoxious by posting this, but Im pretty darn excited. My family and I had been on vacation and I came home to find Mailbox News in the mail. When I looked I saw that my cake had been chosen as cake of the month!!!!!!! I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share!***Moderator Edited as scanned images are not permitted!***
Practice, practice, practice!!!! I know it is cliche, but it couldnt be more true! The more time you give to cake decorating, the better you will become, guaranteed!!!! And everyone doubts themselves once in awhile, I do it all the time!
Love it!!
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