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Thank you so much for the ideas. At the last minute, she texted me a picture of the plates. I changed the cake design to match the theme a little better. I made little baby animals, playing in a band.
I need help with a cake design for a baby shower. The colors are green and brown. The only request is that it is "rock n roll" themed because the daddy is a musician. He plays drums and keyboard. Any ideas? What would you do?
I've been having problems with my buttercream icing lately. It's the same crusting recipe that I have always used, but it hasn't been crusting. Does anyone know why this might happen?The only difference that I make occassionally is that I substitute all shortening (and butter flavoring) for the butter-shortening combo to make pure white icing. Would that alter it's ability to crust? Thanks!
Does anyone have the pattern for the oval diaper pin cake on page 85 of the 1993 Wilton yearbook?Thanks,Brenna
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