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What do you guys charge for a dozen decorated sugar cookies?Also.........Does anyone have a LOW CARB sugar cookie recipe that would be appropriate for decorating? With nutritional breakdown?
Cake boards, boxes....fondant....etc. I am buying a small shop that is for the most part a bagel shop. I plan on doing cakes out of it, as well as pastries, breads, pies, and other offerings.Anyone want to recommend suppliers? I"m in Kentucky (US) if that helps/matters.
No cake leaves my house or is delievered without payment. The ONLY exception to this rule is the couple of corporate accounts that I service that send out a check on the following Friday and that I supply an invoice for at delivery.
24 cupcakes are $25. Cupcake cakes are more expensive based on the number of cupcakes and the design.
I still can't get in to the gallery. I did what it says here, but no go.
Do one brick laying down and one brick kinda propped up on it. Make a trowel out of gumpaste or fondant/gum-tex mix to sit next to it. Make other tools they they use the same way. OR You could do a cake to look like a brick wall with a little guy molded standing next to it working on it. A cute saying for it would be, " Bob and Jane....building a strong foundation for their future"
I have the Darth Vadar pan from years ago. I did was is posted here (think I have the cake posted in the gallery too if you do a search), of having "Fabian.....I am your cake" on the top of the board. I used dark chocolate fudge bc for the icing.
I have a clause in my wedding contracts that says ALL cake served at the wedding MUST be made by me. NO kitchen cakes can be purchased elsewhere. I don't want some person at a wedding thinking that nasty, frozen store cake is mine.
The local stores here have a 7x11, 9x13, 12x18, and then the full sheet.
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