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Im trying to watch but my screen is still black!!!
great thread starter Penny! you know how i love your Yodas!! the turkeys above me are cracking me up! here's my fav...
me too!!!
wowisn't this all a bit hypocritical???jackie and Heath provide the place...and maintain it and keep it running...yes. I get that.....and to some extent I even get that some feel eternally the extent of posting here there and everywhere a big fat kiss on the "cheek"...I'm by no means taking away that they do a lot...they do. all honesty....without the TONS of contributions by the SAME people you people are crapping on and being rude to....there...
thanks for your help ! I did dowel it....I HATE DOWELLING it makes me more nervous to do then just leaving the cake and throwing it in the back of a pick up truck!
do I need to dowel a two 6 in botton 8 in? it is travelling a little bit...about 30 min highway....and my husband driving did I just answer my own question
teekakes....I dont think they are uploading them again I think the are just using this thread to put the link of the picture they already uploaded so their cakes get noticed
ok...seriously....first time doing figures??? THATS A CROCK! .....if thats the first im coming back to see your 50th....they look perfect! thos e are the best scuba divers and sea creatures Ive seen! Its a child of cake kids ALL do it! even the twins...I planned on a spongebob for one them on their birthday and he kept insisting.."NO I WANT BUDDY CAKE" 7 year old is most detailed about it though.....he stresses...and I mean stresses for months...
you have an eye! I havent noticed...but then again I thought some of those models were really that "perfect" but if something is airbrushed just like a body I would think it is a little airbrushed Im assuming you dont mean like they airbrushed the color on the mean actually adjusted the photo...right?
I just noticed this too when I changed the picture of my Nightmare Before Christmas cake....I also lost my title for it....there wasnt a place to retype that either ....I guess we lost it
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