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I definitely prefer dealing with orders on email, FB message or text. If I give someone a quote over the phone or in person, I always end up giving a price that is too low.
I forgot to mention that I love your site! Very pretty!
Here are the changes I would make on your wedding FAQ page. I highlighted in red the changes I would make. "How many servings should I order, my caterer says I don't need a slice for everyone?" "Yes, we do! There is a $75.00 rental fee plus a $200.00 deposit required (which is refunded after the stand is safely returned to us)." "We aren't thrilled to eat a one-year-old cake, but if you store it tightly wrapped in your freezer, it can be frozen."  "No, some items...
I agree with the others posters about refunding the amount except for your cost of supplies.
I use this recipe with the following changes: I add 1/3 cup of vegetable oil & in place of the red food coloring I add 1 tbsp of Lorann Red Velvet emulsion. It tastes wonderful!
I agree... 1 flower
I need a template for a full high heel shoe. Does anyone know where I can find one? Thanks so much!
I had a bride call to cancel her wedding cake because they are now going to go out-of-state to get married. Does anyone have a form that they send out to be signed to cancel the contract? 
My husband asked me the same thing...was I sure I can do only one per day. I might have to break down & enlist some help from my family :) I just felt bad about pressuring the first bride to be right now since she is due with her baby today.
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