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I am making my daughter's wedding cake at the end of June. One of her layers is quilted and has cake diamonds at the points. I need to know where I can order them online. I want this cake to be perfect for her. Mom here is in panic mode. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.
I would like the instructions as well.TIA
your carnations,fantasy flower and daisy look great!
I love my tree
You did a great job. How did you do the bathtub?
when I made flames for my star wars cake I used fruit roll ups and attached them to a piece of fondant.
Thanks ladies that helped a bunch. After I posted my question I guess I had a lightbulb moment because I made some and decided to freeze them.
I want to make some mums for a cake this weekend. I don't want them out of royal icing, so my question is how do I get the buttercream mums off the flower nail onto the cake?
I made about 200 out of gumpaste recently using the heart cookie cutter
I made a french vanilla cake today and I used banana cream filling...Raspberry fillling would be nice too.
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