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Here's one I did...
Here's some instructions I posted to a topic a few weeks ago:
Here's one I did.... you could do something similar, instead have the sides and top chocolate (maybe center white), w/ the different color skates and ribbons that she wants... ??
Ooh! Cute cake idea adatay! Here's one I did -
You can apply fondant over a room temp cake, or a cake out of the fridge. It doesn't matter. Some like to do it right out of the fridge, cause the cake is nice and firm. Sometimes if I cover a cake in fondant from the fridge, it will show a little moisture coming through, but it will dry. Good luck!
Here's one I did, and have done several others... instructions I originally used for this cake, was from an article in American Cake a couple years ago - but this is what I did:(Unfortunately, I can't remember the size of my pans, but I believe I did this cake out of 9" or 10" rounds ?!) I used 4 layers (top layer can be smaller cake, as you will carve most of it) - and I think you can use any...
Pastry-Panda, you cannot operate a home based food business in the state of California. There may be exceptions, if your commercial kitchen is not in your home (i.e., somewhere else on your property). You can start finding out about what is required, by checking w/ your local city or county health offices. They usually have that information posted on their website, or you can call them and am sure they can direct you.
Why not wrap a piece of white fondant around the top, then do a yellow band, the the bottom w/ a piece of orange?
I agree with Tcarra! To start a cake business (and not baking as a hobby from your home) is a whole different deal! I baked and sold cakes from my home for several years - until I was contacted by our county health department! Yes - someone turned me in. I do not believe it was a client, but someone else wanting to shut me (and a couple other cake decorators) down. It just takes one disgruntled person, and one phone call. Scared me to death! What it did was make...
Not sure about Canada, but in US (at may vary by state / county) appliances need to be commercial grade.
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