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Hi Imakecakes!! I live in Webster and I just bake for fun. It's nice to see so much interest in the Rochester area. I buy either online or the local Joann, Michaels and Hobby Lobby. I am going to tell my good friend about this forum..she has a liscensed in home bakery!
SweetResults, I love your idea of the pirouette cookies to look like a basket with leaves. I 'll have to try it!
I have her book and love it too! I have made the white cake and it's delish! The first time I made it I over cooked it and I friend told me not to worry the simple syrup would take care of my fear of dryness...sure enough it was great! I also love her recipe for the cupcake frosting super easy and sooo tasty! I would reccomend the syrup always to add that xtra moisture you may be looking for. Hope that helps!
Thanks SUELA! I may have to try some bubble tea now!
O.K...what do you use these straws for?
Good ques....I would say if the fondant is dark choco., but if it a white you are making black???? Never tried it
Thank You Rincewind.... I appreciate that vote!
has anyone tried they seem to have great prices and I'm looking for input from you guys before I order! TIA
I have Hello, Cupcake and Little Cakes from the Whimsical Bakehouse. I've got to say , I love them both. They are both great for kids ideas. Check them out on
Does anyone have advice for freezing RBC? I am thinking of trying this...
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