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I'm from south carolina and I am the mom to my two kids ages 12 & 7.It's about the best I could come up with at the time.
Hi MominSC - I am a SCMOM too!Happy Birthday to you too!
I'd have to say coconut.What is so weird is that I love chocolate, but will not eat chocolate cake for anything in this world.
Your Grandma would have been very proud of the cake you did in her honor. It is very beautiful.
That cake is beautiful and doesn't have one single flaw on camera.
Can someone post that recipe again?Thanks!
I guess my question now is:Does anyone here really like red velvet cake?I'm southern, but it totally isn't my favorite. My great-grandma used to make it best. However, I don't really like it as much anymore.It is the favorite cake of my daughter and husband. So is pecan pie.
Someone in the first five post posted a good recipe for red velvet cake.My Great-Grandma used to add a little cherry juice to hers when she baked it. It had the traditional red velvet cake but with a twist.
I saw this on another post.The link to the website is: what I read on her website, those are actually clay babies. They are really beautiful creations.
Those babies are amazing. The one who did them has so much talent. I'd love to see them decorate a cake.
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