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Did you change the recipe for the cake??  Sometimes when I make WASC, I have problems..
I just made a bunch of them..started with red gumpaste mixed with a little black.  When dry, I dusted them with a little "turkish black", then a dusting of "black magic" (which is a very dark red).  I got both colors from Ruth Rickey..
Thanks for the heads up on turning the petals,,I just love how yu cake turned out!!
Wilton "A treasury of Wedding Cakes", pg 54 and 55. Made it for my neice's wedding about 20 years ago..   I could scan the pic if you'd like...
Thanks for the great video!!  You make it look so simple---love love love it!!
Lynn's in Minneapolis is a great store..might want to call ahead for store hours.  Also, might want to call ahead to special order any specific items to make sure they're on hand.  Happy travels!!
Yeah-that's it..rough iced is the term. In my head, someone that wants a rough iced cake should ask their grandma to do it--or maybe their 12 year old niece--just kidding.  Guess I've seen too much of cake wrecks--now I'm thinking those people WANTED their cake to look like that.  I'm just a hobby baker, so I want to do cakes that I like and are fun to do or showcase a new skill. Same with sheet cakes--go somewhere else unless you just need them for additional...
I was recently asked to do one of the "smeared frosting" cakes--I really think I'm going to tell the bride to have someone else do it--just don't want people thinking that's how I frost cakes.  Yes, I know it's a trend, but we're rather backward in this area..I'm still hearing comments on the "crooked" cake I made a few years ago,
I've used their deer mold which also has the skinny legs.  Use fondant--put in freezer until hard--I waited overnight to be safe..then unmold quickly onto a piece of foam so it can dry from both sides without being disturbed.
Ericr..these directions are out of a "Mailbox News" magazine from quite a few years ago..I know because I had that issue and lost it boohoo.  I made this cake once..I remember the antlers were made with wire that was covered in masking tape, then colored royal icing, although she says chocolate. The rest is just following the pictures--the originals weren't much clearer  or easier to follow.
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