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Whenever I have bought heart shaped boards, they are not the same shape as my pan, so end up trimming them big to just cut them from foam core
I've used seems very "wet"--had problems with it sticking..but I'm not an expert. I like Satin Ice better.
Or put them in the freezer..will stay pliable until you take them a test to ease your mind..
I don't think it's a mat..I think they used an embosser (Patchwork cutters have some), then cut the edge with an FFM frill cutter (set 1-4). I can't figure how to put the links here, but GSA has the items.
You can adjust margins at Icing images..go to IPrint, top right there is an adjust margins and IPrint set-up..this solved my problems.
I've used yellow/gold royal icing to put the design on the cake, then hand painted it with gold..depends on the look you're going for...
Watkins is the BEST vanilla.. for the price. I buy it by the gallon!! I use it just as the recipe requests..both the white and dark.
My sister who eats ANYTHING sweet would not even eat the ones made by a famous cake ball maker, nor would her 8 year old..they are gross!!  I have the CP-34R flip over cake ball maker by Baby's kinda like a Belgian waffle maker, and it works like a dream!!  Granted, you can only make round ones, but I baked 300 in a morning, put choc on in the afternoon, wrapped and was done in one day...they were just sitting in the muffin cup, not the vertical kind, but they...
It's here, it's here!!  My Adore 2013 came today!! Signed by Jackie #269 out of 500.  Very Pretty pictures, but a lot of pages that are the "inspiration", and not cake..I want cake!!
Just to make sure, you are putting dowels/straws/supports under the boards...
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