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Did you sign up for Michaels coupons-print off more than one-get the stuff you need for class-get your husband,friends and family give each one a coupon or shop everyday especially with the 50% off coupon. Happy baking and decorating
I use the one by KopyKake-Love it. Happy baking and Decorating, Chef Angie
Let's list everything: -cake ingredients-butter, flour, sugar, eggs, milk, salt, extracts, confectioners sugar, butter or shortening, colors -box and board -electricity, gas, and water -time and labor Is all of that free. Happy Baking and Decorating, Chef Angie
If it is cold where you are- the car is a great cooler (refrigerator)-boxed up the cupcakes will be fine- a friend of mine forget the cupcakes were in the car-cc were fine. Just make sure the sun is not shining on the box. Happy Baking and Decorating, Chef Angie  
I use the recipe from Wilton-when I need perfectly round cookies: When cookies come out of the oven (while still hot cut with round cutter). I hope this makes sense. Happy Baking and Decorating, Chef Angie
These tips are helpful: Butter, eggs, milk need to be room temperature. Sift dry ingredients (even if the recipe does not say so) together-mix until combined- do not beat the mix to death.-UNTIL COMBINED. Calibrate oven-make sure temperature is correct. DON'T RUSH!!!!! Cake Mixes-Duncan Hines-beat two minutes on low-When mixing more than one-it is still two minutes-do not keep mixing. Happy Baking and Decorating, Chef Angie
I don't do tastings for birthdays. Wedding cake tastings NO!-Lunch or afternoon tea for four with cake for dessert-25.00 and if the cake is ordered from me 25.00 off price of wedding cake. Thanks to economy-especially gas going up"-NOTHING IS FREE". Happy Baking and Decorating, Chef Angie
The 18-inch, icer tip,and a decorating comb with a straight edge. Happy Baking and Decorating
Bridal shows are expensive-I was talking to a fellow cake decorator-this is what she did.She contacted wedding planners and had a cake show with decorated dummies and tasting-provided coffee, tea, bottled water and now she does wedding cakes for two of them.Happy Baking and Decorating,Chef Angie
It sounds like creme bouquet. It is an emulsion that flavors the icing-quite delicious!Happy Baking and Decorating,Chef Angie
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