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Thanks for the responses!   I also have the same clause that changes and final details must be made before 30 days. I try to make sure they have at least a basic concept before they come in for a tasting as I design their cake during the tasting. When they book with me they get a formal sketch of their cake design. This is the first year we have had a few brides come back and want new designs or brand new orders all together. I really don't have the time with the...
Does anyone here charge an extra fee for designing a new cake concept for clients,specifically brides, that have already secured a design, deposit, and contract? If so is this stated in your contract and do charge your hourly rate or a flat rate? 
Thanks for the replies!   I'm still a little worried about the extra time it will take to setup on site, in addition to the fact that this would be my first pillar plate setup. How long can hydrangea last without water? 
I have a potential client that wants to have fresh hydrangea placed between each tier of the cake as shown here:                                                                                                 I primarily work with sugar flowers and use 2" & 3" solid styro foam dummies to space my tiers out. When doing sugar flowers we stick them in the foam filling out the space between each tier for this effect. I have never used tall pillars to float the...
I did the exact same thing thinking it would work. It didn't. I had gotten the small iLevel cross level by Skil to use for cakes. I was thinking it would be a laser beam that I would see go across the top of my cake instead it just bounced off the wall. I even had a piece of poster board up behind my cake that the laser light reflected on. Trying to work it was too much to deal with the poster board setup. It was also too difficult to position the leveler where needed in...
Would garnet or red velvet be next in line for deep reds?
Does anyone know a dusting color other than the burgundy crystal color that is just as dark for dusting a rose red? Trying to figure out from looking online which of the other shades of red crystal colors are the darkest.
We order the same cupcake boxes from them. As BakingIrene mentioned they will send you requested samples before purchase. The boxes are very durable and easy to assemble. They are not flimsy and are made from FDA food safe materials. Never had any problems ordering from them and they ship quickly. For us after trying out several other sources for clear boxes this was the best quality and choice.
Does anyone know of a site that sells round 1/2 thick masonite boards or something just as strong? Our current site we buy from, G S A , is currently out of stock for the sizes we are looking for. We need something that can hold 5 tiers or more weight wise and need round sizes. Right now we get our squares cut for us at Home Depot but unfortunately they can't cut rounds. If we were to do the rounds ourselves what tools or machinery would be needed?
Does anyone else use a Cameo and know a set of settings that work?
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