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Hi - I need to make a cake of Barney and I noticed that when I make my frosting purple it comes out to dark or light. Any tips to help make my purple closer to barneys colors would be great.thanks
Can anyone tell me how I would make Chocolate MMF. I have a cake order and the cake is covered in Chocolate Fondant but I want to use MMF. Can someone help me???
Something like this happened to me recently. I agree wtih everyone who has posted. You did this lady a favor by giving her a low price. If she had gone anywhere else it would have been more. People don't relize that cake deorating can take hours from baking to the finished product. If the woman didn't like the cake, she has the option to go somewhere else. I am sure you will find other customers that appricate your time and hard work.
I just did a practice wedding cake with MMF and I had a rough time smoothing also. I finally gave up trying to smooth from left to right, and went top to bottom, just like someone posted earlier. Don't be to tough on your self. I figure with pratice, all of us beginners will pick it up and smooth fondant like the pros. Good job on your first attempt.
I am new to the baking seen since May 05. Like you I have been making at least 1 - 2 cakes a week and need to get information about getting the correct regulations in New Mexico. Currently I have been giving or telling folks to atleast pay for supplies. A lot of my cakes have been practice but they been a big hit in the office. If you should find any information, please pass along. I would really be gratefull.
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