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I have the same policy for all cakes... no refunds--most CERTAINLY not the day before the event, since that's when the cake would be finished. And yes, you should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have a contract.
Honestly it depends on the specific type of cake. The more dense cakes I tend to do a combo of pressing for spring-back as well as a tester (skewer or toothpick), whereas some sponges I can just look and know, and others are strictly by the time on the clock. These are just some examples... it really varies with every recipe how I determine if it's done.
Sorry to get all technical, but tempered chocolate only remains tempered until it's heated. If you take a tempered piece of REAL chocolate and heat it (either through baking or other means) it will lose temper. Will it resolidify somewhat? Yes, but it will never completely reset to temper and it will be softer then it was before. Hershey's kisses--while they are real chocolate--also have other additives to help them hold their shape even when they get warm/hot and...
One problem with cookbooks--especially pastry books--is the recipes they usually get from the professionals are usually just that professional recipes that sometimes they have to be scaled down in size and then have their measurements converted for general use (as most bakers/pastry chefs use metric weights for their recipes and the public--in the US at least--prefer imperial/volume measurements). However, it's not usually the chef that does the scaling and converting. ...
I use fresh egg whites--nothing from a carton has ever given me results as good as those from shell eggs. I also make my royal icing the old fashioned way, with egg whites. I haven't killed anyone yet, so I think I'm safe lol.
This may sound silly, but stacking a 7 tier cake is NO different than stacking a 3 tier cake... same methods and techniques, same equipment. If you have a system that works for you, then stick with it.
I don't generally freeze myself (nothing wrong with it, it's just not part of my process), but this is RIDICULOUS. Besides that, I generally don't allow any changes to the contract less than two weeks out from the event unless they want to pay a nice fee to make the changes.
She is right... use cinnamon oil--ground cinnamon will definitely show.
I've never had it, but Philly sells a no-bake cheesecake filling in tubs int he refrigerated section of the supermarket. That might work.I actually bake a crustless cheesecake and use that as the filling for cakes.
I don't do them either.
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