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Try the whimsical bakehouse frosting. it is really light and can stay out no problem.hope this is not too late
I use soy all the time. Vinegar can be added to soy to make a replacement for buttermilk but it can also be added to milk for the same effect.I use soy all the time for all the substitutions. I don't use dairy in my house for the most part. I have not seen any great discrepancies with the outcomes. All my cakes have been fine and tasted fantastic.This thread has expanded my repertoire.Thanks to all the contributors.Claire
I have just left two cakes out that were filled with both the dark chocolate and then the white choc truffle filling and they were fine. They were out for 4 days. They were fantastic. I got tons of compliments on all the cakes presented.Thank you so much for this thread.Mac'smom, hats off to you.As far as getting dumped from the topic it happens to me every week. I just keep highlighting the watch topic on the bottom of the page.
Pistachio recall. The notice arrived too late for me but no harm done. I used that recipe to make cuppies for samples on my flavours night at the Queen City Cake Club. We held our meeting after the cake show here in Cincinnati and everyone loved the Pistachio & cardomom and to this date I have not heard of anyone getting ill. I bought the ones that were in the PS Kroger brand that was actually named in the recall! Buyer beware. Let's hope it is just a safety issue...
With regards to butter in frostings I would think that they would last a long time. Butter was never normally refrigerated. It was made and then placed in the larder (cupboard). I have a beach house where the fridge is propane and space is limited. The butter stays in the butter dish all the time without going rank. My mother still does not refrigerate her butter and it is fine. It is a little more friendly especially when it is hot outside. ha! ha!
Dandelion,I think your fab combination could be called a caramel pb monkey.
Yes, black will eventually bleed into white. All strong colours will bleed. No one has come up with a solution for that yet in butter cream.Good luck
That is so cute. Great work.With regards to Bamber 127. I know Sam's club is closing in So. Ont. but Costco is still open everywhere. Assuming you live near one you can go inquire at their bakery to see if they sell the whipped topping as they do in the US
So sorry for not having the chance to read this week or I would have answered this question earlier.With regards to the Whimsical Bake House butter cream I have had it taste a tad greasy as well but the problem is not whipping it enough.I have found that you have to whip it for the full 20 mins. on high.No joke for the time. You cannot shorten it.It makes 9.5 cups of icing and it is light and fluffy without a greasy taste or a sugary one as well.I hope this improves your...
Too funny! I will work on the Crunchie recipe later. I have too much on my plate but I will definitely include that one for you. My pleasure!
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