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I like the drapped too. The ones without look like you copied them from somewhere else and pasted them onto your site.Like the cakes too!
I use the library system. It has saved me plenty of money. Check there through the inter library use program. Mine brings in books from other states etc..Then if I like the book enough I go to Alibris which sells used, out of print and current books at a discounted price.Worth a try. I have benefited from doing this.
She is very talented and we should all aspire to that. Her prices were that high however, long before she went on Oprah. She is in an area of excess. Excessive homes, wealth, talent and lack of it etc.If people want to pay for it then more power to her.Use her ideas to improve our cakes. I love borrowing ideas. I am not limited by my brain but rather others....
I agree with the other posts who have allergies. Food ingested would take a long time (a couple of hours) to illicit a reaction. So when they ate the cake again it would not have come up that quickly. It is something they physically came into contact with.People with severe allergies know what to do and know what to avoid believe me! Both my boys and I have allergies and we never get rashes. All sorts of other things but never rashes from food.Now I hate to be the...
Was there really any benefit to having aired this discussion? Did I miss something?I just recently joined this site and although I enjoy reading the topics I would hope that they would be more informative than the posting of opinions and hence counter attacks.Everyone's experience is different. Leave it at that. Do what works for you.I don't think people pass frozen cakes off on people. You would then be accusing people of dishonesty and therefore passing judgement on...
I think it is lovely. I love the colour combinations as they are subtle. If they match the invitations then you don't have a problem at all.I think the buyer will be very happy with the results. Give yourself a break. People who don't do this will not see the flaws you do.
Depending on how many people this cake will feed you can adjust your cake size.But I think you should make the outline of a female figure. You use the small half ball pan (the proper name escapes me right now) for her breasts then you trim out her waste by cutting away 2 small half moons where her hips should begin. You cover her with a bc bikini and the rest is skin coloured bc. You can put the $2.99 price tag on her belly.This is just food for thought.
Yes, you can make it in the kitty litter box you purchased at that store to be left unamed. You can also find a smaller bin that is similar in shape but smaller in size. It really goes a long way to make it look like the real thing.I have made it and it is always a hit with the kids. Grosses out the parents. Make sure you include the scoop to get it out.
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