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Thanks for posting this.
I have never known anyone to use the whisk. Don't you have a lot of air in your icing? Try the paddle....I think that you will like it better. Good Luck
See if this will help.
That is what I thought....That she was just kidding you! Are you sure she wasn't just teasing?Your cakes are beautiful! Don't be discouraged....BE PROUD!!! You are very talented!
Thanks FlourPots! That looks like some great instructions, too. Guess I have no excuse not to do one!
idjitmom....Thank you so much! .....I'm headed back to read it.
I would also love to have the instructions! If anyone could please tell me where to get the instructions, or give them, it would be SO apprecitated! Thanks ahead of time.
I thought I was the ONLY one in the world that felt this way!
Marsha Winbeckler agrees with Indydebi. In her book "Decorating With Rolled Buttercream Icing", she says, "First wet the ribbon with water. Remove the excess water by running the ribbon between your fingers. Attach one end of the ribbon to the icing and press in place. (The damp ribbon will attach itself to the icing.) To prevent uneven color of the ribbon from the icing (grease spots), spray the ribbon lightly with vegetable oil spray before using and run between...
2. . May I ask what Spackle is? Thanks ahead of time.
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