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I have just received an email from a site from which I was going to order the Cake Cricut. They told me that their customers said you can not get the machine clean enough to use for paper once gumpaste/fondant has been run through it, therefore they didn't suggest using the same machine. HAVE ANY OF YOU EXPERIENCED THIS? Has anyone actually used it for paper AFTER having used it for gumpaster/fondant, or are they just trying to sell two machines. I really appreciate...
tiggy2...."Thank You" so much for answering. I don't understand about not converting the images to SVG's on make the cut. I thought that was what type of image was on both...that is why you could manipulate it? I know so little about it....only enough to be totally confused! Anyway, you were very nice for responding.
Leah...Could you please tell me if there is a difference between SCAL and MTC. I don't know anything about them, but want to purchase the easiest one. I appreciate your comments. Thank you
paticakesnc....I am so HAPPY that you made if through it. Just think of all of the pictures of YOUR cake that will be out there. You will never know how many people that are amazed at what you created! "I wonder how she did this......I wonder how she did that." LOL Now,on to the next one.
I believe it was in one of my Winbeckler books to use just plain medium weight vinyl. I bought it at Joanns and cut the size I wanted. It works great! I also use the large fondant rolling pin made by Wilton.
patticakesnc.....Lift your chin up....know that the Mayor of Charlotte & the VIPs of ESPN should be honored that YOU took the time to MAKE & PRESENT this beautiful cake to them. They are no more important than you!!! Your cake is beautiful, and it's THEIR honor to have YOU there! Know that in your heart, and don't be nervous! HAVE FUN!!!
There is, possibly, a turorial here, but I have read that the wings and body are piped separately and dried. Then, "glued" together with royal icing while being supported in the position that you want. HTH
You can go to and see the difference in machines. Some allow you to use the computer and some don't. The "create" does allow you to use the computer as well as the "expressions". The "create" uses smaller mats, therefore you cannot cut large designs, although in cake decorating you, possibly, wouldn't need the large designs. It is my understanding that the "create" will allow you to do almost everything that the "expressions" and "cake" will, and weighs...
kayla1505....Thank You so much for taking the time to respond with the links!
I'm sorry that you didn't get that tip, but you will get it back ten fold! Yes, bless your husband's heart. He sounds like a "sweety" and you sound like a very nice person! Good Luck!
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