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Here's a link for the cheapest Cake Cricut that I've seen. "Free Shipping"
Thank you, ceshell, for going to the trouble to post pictures! That was very nice of you, and I'm sure greatly appreciated by many people.
Your're one of the the nicest "strange women on the internet" I've met, and I truly appreciate the information! I'm going for it! Thank you...Happy Easter
Thank you,7yyrt for your reply. I just tried to hollow one out. They are pretty sticky, but I can do it. Would I flavor the marshmallow with LorAnn oil....Kahlau, etc.? I couldn't use real Kahlau, could I? Also, if I use ganache (good idea), would they need to be refrigerated? I need to make them Thursday so I can give them to a friend Friday...part of an Easter basket, for her to take to her family gathering Sunday. Would the ganache ruin if not refrigerated? Once...
I am making some "boring" vanilla flavored homemade marshmallow Easter eggs that I intend to dip in chocolate. The finished egg, when putting the two halves together will be about 1 1/4" tall, and 2 1/4" long. Does anyone have any idea as to what I can put between the two halves to make it more interesting. I don't want it to be just a "blob" of marshmallow. The eggs are for adults. Should I flavor the next batch with something.....what can I do to "kick it up" a...
Thank you, luv2bake6. I am always afraid of something "melting", or sliding, etc. I appreciate your reply.
Hi....Is there a short list of icings that cannot be used together. I am alway confused as to the icings that, for one reason or another, shouldn't be used together. I want to use some rolled buttercream or fondant accents on cookies that will be glazed with Toba's glaze. Will these two be OK on the same cookie? If someone could answer, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Got my fingers crossed. Good Luck!
I am so proud for you! I looked at the rest of your cakes, and YOU ARE GREAT!!! You obviously have natural talent (and work hard)!!! I loved your Santa and baby Jesus cake, and your frog cake was adorable....not to mention your Grave Digger truck was wonderful. Congratulations on getting the recognition that you deserve!!!
I have been asking the same thing. I noticed that they are going to be testing to see which they think is the best at Cutting Edge Cake Art. is my understanding that MTC is easier to use. Some people that have been using SCAL think that you can do better designs with it, and are staying with it. I think there is one extra step when using have to convert your file to an SVG file using Inkscape first. Now.....this...
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