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If you will follow the link below....scroll down, and click on the picture of the cake, it will enlarge so you can see it better.
Compromise! Ask her to "rethink" this. Suggest that she talk to her parents or friends. If she really wants it FUN....then, suggest that she have all of the bottom tiers done beautifully, then have the very top tier "funky" or whatever. I hate for you to lose the business, and this may turn out cuter/better than you think.....IF ONLY THE TOP TIER IS FOR HIM!!!
I bought one years ago at Home Depot, so you might check with them. I tried to use it to paint some woodwork, but couldn't use it correctly. It didn't work for me. I don't want to start a big discussion/argument, but I think there was a discussion on CC that it wasn't foodsafe??? we go....Yikes!
Thanks so much for sharing this!
[quote="SpecialtyCakesbyKelli"]JudyDP, I don't do a lot right now, but as I start getting more and more wedding orders... I'm thinking that it will come in handy for scrolls and damask.... I probably won't use it every day, but hey, if it makes life easier sometimes, I guess it will be worth the money????Oh....I think you will love playing with it. And, if you are building your business, then you will have time to practice and get used to it. I know that some people...
Once again, let me refer you to & Chocopan did well with the Cake Cricut, but not the Expression. It pulled a lot with the Expression, and the blade clogged. MMF did NOT work well with either machine. As they stated, possibly another recipe would work, but their recipe did not. I don't know the recipe they used, but I'm guessing it's the MMF used mostly on this site.
Thanks for all of the info comparing extruders. I was going to buy the black & red one used in SugarShacks video, but it was so expensive. Sharon makes it seem so easy....squeezing with one hand, and placing it on the cake with the other at the same time. It goes so smoothly. I was wondering if you could kind'of do the same thing with the Makins extruder, since you have to have two hands to use it? This probably won't make sense to someone that hasn't seen her Topsy...
YOU are certainly SMART enough to use it. I will say this....Unless a person is going to do lots of cake decorating, or doing scrolls, etc., this could be more of a "pain" than help. I think that if you are going to cut circle, etc. it would be easier to just use cutters. That's just my opinion, but I am not a pro. The good thing is that you can use it for other crafts, not just cake decorating. You can make cute boxes, cards, etc.
Bev....all cartridges work with all machines. The only thing that won't work, is the Cake cutting blade WILL NOT work with the other machines. The "deep cut" blade used on other machines prior to the Cricut Cake WILL work on the Cricut Cake. Once again, the blade (housing) made for the Cricut Cake WILL NOT work on the Expression or Personal machine. I suppose Provo did this so you would HAVE to buy the new machine, if you want to use the blade that does not clog easily.
Yes, you can do everything that the Expression or Personal will do on the Cricut Cake. If you haven't followed the other discussions, you MUST go to They have done extensive testing on both machines, and will show you the resulting cuts between the two. I am such a novice, and want to limit problems, therefore since I don't already have a machine, I think the best for me is the Cricut Cake, especially, since it can be bought for...
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