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Just a big "Howdy" & "Welcome" from Texas! We've spent lots of time in Germany...visting sites....driving....Just enjoying the people and food, and England...what's not to love about the English!!!... except maybe the food....whoops..just kidding (I don't eat kidneys)! Of course, you probably wouldn't like our blackeyed peas & cornbread! On this site, you will get lots of encouragement & help with any and everything. I have never seen a site that has as many...
Thanks to ALL....I know everyone appreciates your sharing!
Look on ebay. The set that LaBoulangerie uploaded a picture of, can be bought on ebay. I was looking for some more that I used at Christmas in a centerpiece. Mine had a transparent battery compartment, but the white one, as shown, is being sold on ebay. HTH
Hi Tonia....Sharon Zambito has a DVD "Perfecting the Art of Buttercream". It is a real good DVD. She uses a bench scraper. She keeps a pot of hot water by her, and dips her bench scraper in it to heat, then wipes it with a paper towel before smoothing the icing with the hot, dry bench scraper. She dips & wipes everytime she goes over the cake. Go to if you would like to purchase the DVD. In my opinion, all of her DVD's are great!HTH
Metria....Your stencil is GREAT! How much fun! I thought that SVG files were what both programs use. That is just the type of files the programs use (.svg) Anyway, whatever you did is great. I wanna do it!
I believe that MTC is for the Windows operating system only. Sure-Cuts-a-Lot has come out with a version for Mac, also. From reading on the internet, Make-the-Cut is more user friendly. With SCAL there is an extra step. You must convert your files using Inkscape to SVG files. (Both use SVG files) At least a few people that had been using SCAL were going to stick with it. They thought it could do some things that MTC couldn't. If one were not familiar with either...
I had posted a question on the Cricut site about the differences between SCAL & MTC....Stupid me I was wondering why no one ever answered. Well...........I received an email stating exactly that from a Provo Craft representative, and informiing me that my post was being pulled! Tons and tons of people use one of the two programs for scrapping, and don't seem to worry about the warranty, etc. You know, Provo Craft has been on CC......wonder why they aren't chiming...
Thanks Sharon....I read it last night, and it is GREAT! You're a sweetheart for sharing.
Thank you so much for this diagram. I am going to try to make one, and need all the help I can get! I really appreciate it.Thanks for the suggestion!
Thank you, JaimeAnn, for sharing your idea! You certainly should have filed for a patent! Would you be so kind as to tell me the diameter of the base? If I can get that, I think I can figure out the other stuff. Sorry, hope I haven't hijacked the thread. Congrats on finally getting yours, Mikel79.
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