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I don't know if Overstock charges tax? Costco online has them for $300.00 and free shipping....but, you would have to pay tax. Also, they are being bought on ebay anywhere from $260.00 and up ($300.00) with free shipping. The one cartridge is standard. Someone posted on CC that they are going to have them in the Costco stores. I think it is temporary??? But, that it was suppose to be a good deal, and suggested to check with your local Costco to find out the dates. HTH
I can't tell you the best place, but they are selling on ebay around $300.00 with free shipping, and is offering them for $300.00 with free shipping. HTH
No....The cheapest, now, is Costco (on line) for $300.00 and free shipping.
Congratulations, Stacy. Be proud of yourself!
YES....It will do the same thing.
Gosh, prterrell....Thank you so much for your quick response. That is exactly what I was thinking about, but I have NEVER tried poured sugar, and didn't know if it would hold up or not. I am so happy that you suggested that it would. I had read about isomalt, and thought about ordering some to see if that would work, but sugar would be the same. I am so happy for the response and directions! Thank You
Hobby Lobby or Garden Ridge should have something like this. Good Luck....hope you find what you are looking for.
Could someone please tell me how to make a "splash" of water? I would like it to be an exaggerated "splash"... "cartoonish". I made a flat splash on wax paper with royal icing, but I don't want it "flat"...I need the water to extend up a couple of inches or so. I would like to have a ball splashing in water, but I can't figure out what medium to use or how to make it. Any suggestions? Thanks ahead of time.
Your cake is beautfiul! I know you are so proud. Happy baking!!!
OK....I know that know one really cares.....but, my butts numb from sitting here clicking on another post, and clicking/reading another post...I'm exhausted from reading, but I keep clicking on another, I'm rolling on the floor laughing! I don't know why this was so funny to me, but hope all of you can have as good a laugh today as I have had! I know that you knew....but, just weren't thinking....Have a great day! (Maybe I should get up and do...
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