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I thought that would only happen to me!
I'm so happy for you! It sounds wonderful....I love chocolate and orange. I know you must have been very nervous about the cake...being your first, and so glad that it was a hit! Congratulations
That was very thoughtful of you.....thanks
I'm so glad you posted your cakes! They are very really are very creative....keep them coming!
Oh....God bless you!!! I know that feeling....."Why didn't I just....." I could just cry for you!
Absolutely! What a great thought!
I have never made a topsy turvy cake, but I am planning to soon. I have Sharon Zambito's Totally Topsy Turvy video, and would recommend it to anyone wanting to make the cake. Have you thought about using a dummy cake for one layer to make the design look correct without having too much cake? Just a thought. Good Luck!HTH
Thank you for posting this site. I had never visited it, and it looks like a great source!
Too funny! Thanks for sharing!
Congratulations! It should be featured is GREAT!!!
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