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On the Wilton site there are a couple of people that say to NEVER use the core. Of course, many people say to use the core. If you don't have a core, I would just try it without. I'm a novice, but have read, and read, and read about this. I know that this doesn't help much, but I'm trying. LOL
OH MY GOSH....ya'll are an encouraging bunch! LOL Don't 39 of you want to come to TX and we could each make one teddy bear, then take turns on the Winnie the Pooh! LOL Now that I have your attention, is it possible to bake and freeze the cakes....then, defrost, decorate with buttercream, and refreeze??? I really do want the cakes to be GOOD, but don't professionals freeze cakes? All kidding aside, any suggestions really will be greatly appreciated...even the...
Hi...I am a novice, and had planned on trying to make Royal icing flowers ahead of time to place on a cake that will be iced with buttercream. Can I not do this???? I just assumed it was done all of the time. Told you......I'm a novice. I was going to make them ahead, so the actual decorating would go quicker. Could someone please let me know if I can do this? Thank you so much.
Ya'll are TOO funny! I am laughing at loud! I may not be laughing a couple of weeks from now. I am committed to bake a Winnie the Pooh stand up cake, and 40....yes, 40 mini bear cakes (favors) for a baby shower at the end of March. I AM A NOVICE!!! I 'm searching on this site for ideas. I think I have a good one.............FORGET IT! LOL
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