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I recently used red coloring for cookies. was bitter. I don't think that part of the cookie could be eaten. If you airbrushed red on, could you get the true red without it being as bitter? Thanks ahead of time.
I know that this isn't what you wanted, but it made interesting tile. I like this look, too.
Tiers_Of_Joy.....You can do it! It's NOT hard. You just cut the pictures out, and "glue" them on with buttercream (if that's what you are using), or royal icing. Then, cover the edges with your "picture frame" of royal icing. I'm sorry about your uncle. I know your cake will be appreciated. Good Luck
Jodi....I would like your blog information, also. Thanks so much.
[quote="Cheaters should NEVER be allowed to eat cake ever again.[/quote]That's certainly enough of a deterrent to keep one from cheating!
I probably shouldn't reply here, but I will. A bakery in California shipped a chocolate birthday cake for me to my little nephew in Afghanistan...Actually, I guess he isn't so "little" anymore....he's a Sergent in the Marines! It arrived 3 WEEKS LATER!!! His wife told me he said IT WAS GOOD!!! Abviously, it can be done.....I suppose it would just depend on the ingredients. Good Luck!
I freeze it, and it works fine.
Thank you for the suggestion.........
Can't imagine not likiing it.....EVERYONE loves it that I have baked for. I use it in cookies, cakes, and, of course, buttercream. Buy it from B & B.Me, too...........
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