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I've had this happen to me, too, and I don't use flour. I roll on parchment or wax paper. I have NO idea why this happened, but if someone can tell us, it would be great!
I don't know what your husband's problem was, but your cakes are darling! I can't wait until you take the cake and everyone sees it! Just wait...they are going to LOVE it!
Hi....You will find the recipe here on CC under Recipes. Good Luck!
Thank You
Thank you so much for your quick response.
Hi...Could anyone help with a good source for cello bags to package cookies. My favorite source "Sweet Celebrations" is out of business, and I need certain sizes. I am also going to need a new large size to package a 7" square cookie. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you
I'm no expert, but as mrscunningham said, your outline should be thick. Your "flooding" icing should be the consistency that when you drop a line of icing into your bowl, count to 5. After the count to "5" the line should have disappeared into the other icing in bowl. Hope that makes sense to you. Good Luck!
Hi...I bought an Epson CX7400 several years ago, and the ink and paper from KopyKake. I was not happy with the results. Everyone loved the novelty of the edible ink pictures on the cookies, but I couldn't get it as bright and clear as I see advertised on the internet. KopyKake was very helpful on the phone, but it wasn't what I expected. Until you decide, if you want edible photos, Sams Club will print them for a reasonable price. Sounds like Lucinda has a good one. ...
WOW....Perfection!!! Congratulations!!!
Please don't be embarrassed. You didn't know. Now that you do....go get what you need.....make something, and have fun!
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