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Tried these out this afternoon! I'm a Starbucks Maple Oat Scone fan, this recipe is similar in texture and appearance to Starbucks scones. I'm anxious to try it in the morning with my coffee. I made my glaze with a little milk, vanilla, melted butter and powdered sugar. They turned out really pretty! This was my first try at making scones. I also found a Maple Oat Scone recipe that I'm going to try out this week.
Thanks for the recipe! They look yummy!!!
I use plastic ziplock baggies and snip off the corner.
what area are the shelved in? I haven't seen them at Michaels.
I'm sure you know this but you tube has quite a few "how to" videos. have used Pillsbury sugar cookie dough. I normally use NFSC which I really don't think is all that grand but it does hold up well. I keep Pillsbury dough in the freezer so when my grandkids visit I can let them play and cut out cookies. I recently made some cookies for a baby shower and ran out of dough, I needed to make just a few more cookies and decided to...
Can't help you with the question but just want to welcome you to the forum!
Just wanted to share this with you. I’m sure some of you have a better method but I had to improvise and it worked out great! I recently made 60 cookies for a baby shower. I had just finished some elaborate packaging with cello bags, ribbons and labels when it suddenly dawned on me .... how was I going to transport them to the shower??? I didn’t want to stack them in my oblong cake taker, I was afraid it would chip some of the royal icing. I filled up two oblong carriers...
white on white or use a very pale blue with white accents.
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