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Does anyone know where I can find a mocha buttercream recipe similar to that of Magnolia Bakery?
Looks great! When you cut into it a smooth cut? Or do you have to apply pressure? Just wondering to try it for my daughters birthday...bu i dont want her to struggle to cut the first piece of cake ;-)
I wanted to make snow flakes for a Frozen themed cake I am attempting. What is the best/easiest way to make them? Should I purchase the PME snowflake cutter? (Though its sold out on GSA) And how can I add some shine to it?   I dont want to try royal icing, because the last time I made spider webs from RI, they were fragile and broke easily. (I live in a very humid area).   Thanks!
Thanks so much!!!
Does anyone know how many servings in a cake carved in the shape of a number '4'? I guess I could make it as big as I needed...but dont want it to look odd. It needs to serve about 35-40 ppl? What pan size should I use? I was thinking of just having additional servings from cupcakes?
I printed the Betty Crocker Guitar template thats available online and it seems to only have about 12 is carved from a 9 x 13 cake..and the body and neck both are cake.
Thanks so much! Did you use the Betty Crocker template that's online?
Im attempting a guitar cake for a friend...and I still consider myself a newbie! Does the cake need to be a sturdy? If Im stacking cakes I usually use Sharon's Sturdy cake recipe (with the sour cream etc)...But since Im not stacking would it be ok just to use a basic doctored cake mix? I'll be covering with BC and then fondant? But will need to carve it into shape.
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