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Hi there, A friend of mine asked me for a cake for her sister who's turning 23.She wants a simple round cake with a ribbon and bow around the cake and flowers on top.She wants the cake covered in baby blue fondant and I'm not sure, other than white, which colours to use for the flowers... I don't want to only do white as it will look too... Tifany'ish and she is only 23!! I want it to be youthful and fun... What do you think? any ideas?? Thanks in advance,Laura
OMG!!!!! I'm having a little break at work and am cracking up reading all your stories!!!! You guys are funny!!! Thankfully, I've never had this issue with flour or sugar (and I don't keep them in sealed containers, I keep them in glass ones with glass lids) however, I've found larvae and little worms when I go to the store to buy boxes for my cakes!!! I now open and check EVERY box to make sure they are clean! I can only imagine my clients opening their box...
Right!!!! glucose and alcohol!!!!! That's what I meant!!
I have tried the steamer and right after I'm done, it looks great but after a little while it goes dull again...I'll try the glucose/water trick... I also need to make fondant shinny for my daughter's b'day cake and I was about to post the question when I saw it was already there!!!!
Gracias MPGA,Termine usando cream-cheese y a eso le a&adi el dulce de leche. La consistencia estaba un poco suave asi que tuvo que estar en el refri un buen rato antes de rellenar el pastel pero quedo rico.
Hola!Tengo una pregunta para mis amigas latinas de CakeCentral...Tengo que hacer un pastel de chocolate con relleno de dulce de leche. Ya he usado el dulce de leche para rellenar cupcakes (solito) y quedan muy bien pero para un pastel, siento que el dulce solo no va a funcionar...Creo que necesito mezclarlo con algo pero no estoy segura con que...Puedo usar betun o queso-crema? no se si le voy a echar a perder el sabor con estas combinaciones. Alguien tiene una...
Thanks Sadeyes.I tried Sobey's, Basking Robins and 2 Longos stores and nobody will print it for me.I ended up buying a set of two of the characters (plastic) and will put them on the cake... I usually like making everything myself but ran out of time on this one. Oh well, thanks anyway.Laura
Hi all,I desperately need some images printed in an edible printer for a cake I have to do for tomorrow (Sunday, May 2nd). The lady that usually does it for me informed me yesterday when I approached her that her printer is broken and none of the stores in my area that do the edible transfers will do it for me... I was on vacation until 3 days ago and that's why I just now found out about all this.Is there anybody in Markham, Ontario or nearby that could print these...
Thank you ladies. I will try both.I have a few textured rolling pins but none that look like fabric... I'll check out my local supply store to see what they got.I appreciate the help.Laura
Actually, my question is more on how to make the fondant look like real ribbon?I have seen many cakes where the bows look like they are made out of real ribbon and I love it!! I need to make a bridal shower cake and I'm planning to make a ribbon for the top but I'd like to make it look like actual fabric...Can anyone share some tips? Thanks in advance,Laura
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