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Hi,I need advice on freezing brownies. Should I do it? Has anyone else ever done this and what were your results? I volunteer with the USO and plan to bake 100 brownies ahead of time for an event. I know most baked goods freeze pretty good since I've never frozen brownies before, I need some feedback.Thanks, in advance.ncdessertdiva
Okay, thanks for the ideas on making a robot cake. Since I haven't worked with 3D cakes yet, what kind of cake is the best one to use? I'm not sure if my usual yellow or chocolate cake would hold up. Do I need to use a denser cake like pound cake for this idea? Any suggestions would be appreciated!Thanx,Leslie
Hi,I need ideas for a robot cake for my grandson for this weekend. I plan to make 2 9x13 cakes and piece them together for a "robot". I know its simple but I believe my 3 year old grandson would like anything resembling a robot. Thanx, in advance, for your ideas and help!Leslie
Thanks, Ziggy, that will give us a basic direction to go in. Any suggestions of agencies or companies?Leslie
I've just lucked into a position as a freelance baker with a small, up and coming bakery here in NC. Initially this will be home-based. The owner has her own insurance to cover the other aspects of her business (she has several businesses under one umbrella policy). What type and what company would cover the bakers on this side of the business? All the bakers with this endeavor are contractors and she wants us to be covered as well as her business. IndyDebi you may be...
Wow, that's going to be a BIG cake!!! There is a race in Charlotte SAturday night so his theme will coincide with that. Wish I could go, I'd like to see a cake that big!!Leslie
Just my two cents worth. As far as culinary school is concerned, have you checked out the local community college for culinary degrees? You can get an excellent education at half the cost and the same experience as the big name schools. You learn how to do the same things at the half the cost. We had two chefs at my local community college, one went to the CIA and the other to another local community college. They both taught us the same thing maybe different methods...
Good luck and have fun!!Leslie
Brianna,I'm so glad you were able to find someone to help you. I'm in the Triangle area of the state or I would have volunteered my services.Good luck and have fun!Leslie
Check with Crawford's Creations in High Point. She is a great lady and I learned so much from her in several classes. She might be willing to work with you on the costs. I think her website is crawfordscreations.comLeslie
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