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I should have mentioned that I want to use a perishable filling, that's why refrigeration would be needed. Also, I was thinking of using a colored sugar, so I'm worried the color will "run" onto the layer below.
I want to try a cake covered in sanding sugar. I plan to adhear the sugar to fondant with piping gel. Just wondering if this can be refrigerated or not. I'm not sure what effect the "sweating" will have on this once taken out of the fridge if it is humid that day. Has anyone done this?
Just got my 7 qt mixer today, haven't used it yet. Had a 30% coupon from Kohl's plus Kohl's cash to put toward it. They don't sell it in the store, but they do online & the shipping was only $7! Ended up paying about $350, retail without discounts & Kohl's cash was $499.
Thanks so much for your help! I didn't even think of the swim medal, cap, etc. I may make the entire cake the cap, then place diploma, swim stuff, and Bucknell University around it on a cake board. Originally I planned on using the half ball pan for a smaller cap, any know how it would look if I used a 9" round instead?
Thought I posted this a couple days ago, but never got replies & can't find it, forgive me if it's a duplicate. My friend's daughter is graduating high school. She wants a graduation cake that incorporates her love of competitive swimming and the college she is going to attend. Any design ideas? Cake only needs to feed 25 people.
OK, I'm stumped. I need a small graduation cake (25-30 servings) for a girl's high school graduation. She is a competitive swimmer & wants that incorporated into the design. Any suggestions on how to merge the two?
Glad I could help. Sorry to make you go back into my pics, I just always have such a hard time attaching a picture to these comments. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
I believe what you are talking about is a technique called bas relief. I took a class on it, look in my photos at the love birds. If this is what you are talking about it was easier than you would think. Break down a picture into many different parts (actually cut it apart). Then start applying to surface of cake bottom layers first. In order to get the puffed out look, we simply took rolls of fondant & layered them under the pieces that we wanted to stick out. Hope...
I have both and use both my Sunbeam & KA. I love the design of the Sunbeam. Easy to add to bowl while running, easy to scrape while running, and don't get that unmixed residue at bottom of bowl. However, I would never use my Sunbeam to make fondant with, just not heavy duty enough. It works great for batters and icings, but agree with other posters, when it comes to making fondant & royal, KA is the way to go.
I also used the cruiser pan for the one in my pics. I placed it on a sheet cake & used cupcakes to build hills with.
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