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Hello,I have a photo in my album of a balloon cake.I made this cake for a friend's son's christening. it was based on the one in The Australian Womens Weekly children's Cakes cookbook. Just 3 x 20cm cakes covered in fondant with fondant ribbons.Good luck
Thanks for that - I made the chocolate royal icing using cocoa powder and it looks great. I will try and get some Wilton Ivory paste today.
Thanks very much for your suggestions.
Could anyone please give me some advice regarding colouring fondant. I need to make a cream/ivory fondant - can i just use small amounts of yellow? Also, how do i make royal icing a dark chocolate brown?Thank you!!
Hello, thanks for the tip - i will give straaws a turn next time. Yes cannelloni is pasta tubes - my husband thought it might dissolve in the cake. In the end I found a container the same depth as the cake and filled it with leftover modelling fondant scraps and stuck the whole container into the cake. I was then able to stand the stars up really well and all the wires fitted into the container. The customer was very happy with the cake so all was well. many thanks...
Hello, Thanks everyone for your quick responses. The wires are able to hold up the stars ( I did have to double the wires on the bigger stars) but the wire itself keeps slicing through the ckae just enough that it leans over rather than standing up straight. I might try a canelloni tube with icing in it and insert the wires into that. if anyone thinks of anything else i would be grateful. next time I will ask before I start!! i think the hot weather here today isn't...
Hello, I have a cake being picked up in a couple of hours and I need some help. It is a dense chocolate cake covered with soft fondant and has a firework display of hearts and stars on wires coming out of the top. My problem is the wires won't stand up straight they keep leaning to the sides and drooping. Is there anything i can insert into the cake that might provide some support? Thank you
Thanks Nati for such a quick response, I haven't used it before but have seen it for royal icing recipes. One site said to use it to avoid the raw egg white issues.Sonia
Hi, Just wondering if anyone can tell me where to purchase meringue powder in Australia? I have seen it in David Jones stores but it was really expensive. Thanks,Sonia
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