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thanks aka_cupcakeshoppe!
Does anyone have a great tasting/great texture carrot cake recipe that DOES NOT contain coconut flakes and/or pineapples? Thanks
How much are these boxes? They are great!
Thanks for the reply. I wonder if Crumbs would pass on that information...hmmmm
Cupcake liners with your company's name or logo on them????Thanks for any help!!!!!
In what part of NY is this store located? $400 seems EXTREMELY cheap for NY....If you are serious about a store-front bakery, this may be a good opportunity to get things started...good luck!
Maybe you can use this and just use gumpaste and fondant instead of wax....!
Hi,You could use these scissors. HTH!Rae You can find them at craft stores like Michaels, etc.
What is the best glue to use between the cakeboards and the dividers??? I followed the directions of the circle cupcake stand, but the glue between the round cake boards and the dividers never dried completely and I was afraid it would be unstable.
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