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I use a 10x15 sheet and always one layer.  I can divide into 35 2x2 squares or 60 3x1 slices.   A 12x18 can be divided into 54 2x2 squares or 84 3x1 slices.   You can get these K & S Quik Press Cake Dividers from CK Products 
I would use a 6" and 10" roundIn my area which is conservative I would probably charge about $75.00 but I am sure in other areas you would charge much more.
Personally, I will never buy Pillsbury mixes no matter how cheap they are. Several years ago I tried them once and did not like them.Betty Crocker I do not buy because they do not fill the pan. It usually takes an additional 1/2 mix to fill the pan. When I took my first cake decorating classes in 1995 I was told never to use super moist mixes for wedding cakes. Unfortunately, it is Pillsbury and Betty Crocker mixes that are usually on sale. I don't buy them because I...
I always take 12x18 sheet cakes of several flavors to bridal shows.I believe you get a better sample of cake cut from a sheet cake than from cupcakes. I don't think cupcakes are as moist.
I always use white buttercream on chocolate cake unless the customer specifies that he wants chocolate buttercream. About 2 or 3 times in 15 years I have had a customer order a chocolate cake with chocolate filling and chocolate buttercream. For many people that is too rich and too, too much chocolate.
The bridal shows I attend in Feb. and March I assume will attract brides for Fall, Winter and next year weddings. It is always possible there might be someone late in booking their cake for this Summer. I just had a call two weeks ago for a wedding this March.Sometimes brides attending a bridal show now may be planning to get married in 2012.I strongly recommend going and beginning to get your name out.If they taste your cake and like it, they will remember you. Ive had...
There is a difference in the Hi-Ratio shortenings. When I moved back to Iowa I tried 2 or 3 less expensive Hi Ratio shortenings and they did not work. I ended up with Sweetex Hi-Ratio shortening. This is the only one that I will use. It costs more but it is the best I've found.The less expensive ones either had a funny taste or they next morning there was oil standing in my icing. I've had no problems with Sweetex.
I make my cakeball using pure cake - no icing or anything for a binder.Once I heard a remark that cakeballs were regergutated (sp) cake.From that time on I never added any icing.I crumble my cake and put it in a covered bowl and refrigerate over night.I then make the crumbled cake into balls with no problem.
When I was living in Los Angeles I purchased a lot of my cake decorating supplies at ANGELS CAKE DECORATING in Bellflower. They packaged Sweetex in either 3 or 5 lb packages if I remember correctly. They are located on Bellflower Blvd.
I use the pearl luster spray to cover a cake to give it an all over sheen.I find that luster spray enhances a cake and helps make the detail more noticeable. I smooth all of my cakes with paper towels. The luster spray makes the paper towel pattern on the buttercream stand out and more impressive.
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