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GOOD LUCK!!!! Hopefully you get this job and that would be a big notch to add to the belt buckle!!!!
I did a Spiderman Cake for $25.00 only because I knew the lady. For 2 maybe $50.00 to $60.00 but let them know no one can tell you how valuble YOUR time is.... Good Luck
See I am lucky. I don't have to hide mine b/c the DH is deployed. If he were home he would use the VIVA to help SPIT SHINE his BOOTS!!! I know, I know... His life could possibly be in danger now that i've taken up cake decorating. I might be worse than the war when he comes home. LOL
WOW and I mean WOW... I wouldn't go less than $800.00 that was lots of time and effort... What an accomplishment!!! Hat's off to you
I'm a clean freak so I have 20 Clorox wipes in 2 minutes..... Wait theres about 12 VIVA's. Okay count me in for the next Paper Towels Annon. Class. haha
I just finisheed my last Wilton class and everyone says I am pretty good at this thing. How do I go about getting more buisness. I want to stay small and bake at home because I do have a Full-Time Job. Any new bakers like to comment? Any vets we would love your knowledge!!!Thanks Tiffany
So you guys have a very happy decorator on your hands. Cake Balls (Truffles) got an A+. I ended up using white cake with Hazelnut creamer dipped in Chocloate and drizzled in W. Chocolate!!!! Viva Paper towels are the best. Leveling cakes no longer requires a knife.. and my tips are spotless due to my microwave!!! Thank you ladies so much. italked about the site do much and the tips you ladies have we logged on during our cake class. I hooked 3 more people...!!!!
Okay, I don't know how I've lived without this forum... I am a newbie and have read all 20 pages. I tried the tips in the microwave!!! Excellent... I had to call my Wilton instructor on that one,(she didn't know so I felt like a genious) I am trying the VIVA trick today. I have been using those papertowels since they came out. I already loved them.. I am gonna try the flower nail trick also... I am doing my final cake for class 3 tonight, so I will let you know how it...
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