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Sounds like the shape of 50 is already a "design". Maybe just use colors. One color base coat and different color border? Confetti sprinkles?
I've only used them once and kind of had the same experience. It was a zebra print over buttercream. The stripes went on great but the next day they had loose spots. I am interested to see what others say.
12x18 are pretty large and hard to handle if you don't usually work with them. I don't have a cooling rack that large so I use one of the extra racks from my oven when I have to make a 12x18. I much prefer working with 11x15 even if it means making an extra cake.
We all want to see! post it!
I have all the fonts that tappit makes. They work for many occasions, but sometimes they aren't the right size, so I still have to write
Thanks for the advice. I've done fondant decorations but never wired them before.
Will MMF dry hard & sturdy enough for wired stars and music notes? Or would the Wilton fondant do better? Should I mix it with gumpaste?
I've seen a lot of posts on CC about Cake Boss, but I want something for a full service catering business. Does anyone have experience or recommendations?
When I trim the cake tops I use those. I roll them up jelly roll style with icing or other filling. Wrap it in cling wrap and freeze, the slice while semi frozen. It's still cake scraps, but nicer looking.
I like the idea of mixing it in the frosting, but I've heard that doesn't work.
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