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I LOVE that stuff! I had some place mats made of the same material, and was having a problem with slipping, so I cut up one of the place mats lol, and it worked like a charm!!! It's also great to put your eggs on, they wont roll off the counter!!
hehe Tell me about it! I've already got a mental list going!!!!
Atleast your husbands didnt decide you're going on a no flour/no sugar diet.... AND THEN BRING HOME A TURTLE CHEESECAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH
Ok.. I'm in the middle of a crisis!!!! Hellppppppp! A friend and I are doing petit fours for a bridal shower. We made the cake, trimmed and iced it. Put it in the freezer and prep'd the loops for the bows. In making the poured fondant.. it flopped. The fondant, when poured on the individual cake would not coat the sides and got to hard, to quick, tasting like a glazed donut, instead of a cake. We used the Wilton recipe for poured fondant. What are we doing wrong??!
Congratulations!!!!!!! You all did a fantastic job on your cakes!!! Very well deserved!
When do we find out the winners for the contest?
Whew.. what a rollercoaster ride this morning!! This was my first time reading your posts.. and girl, my stomach was in knots!!!! I could just feel how stressed you were. But everyone is right, your cake is BEAUTIFUL!! You did a fantastic job. Way to go!!!!!
It isnt showing in my area either. I just emailed our local PBS station.. hopefully they'll air it!!!
My one and only customer's *hehehe* dad is diabetic. He's agreed to be my guinee pig. I would like to find some sugar free recipes for him. Any ideas? Thanks
Ok.. I just pm'd Jackie and explained what I did. Thanks for the help!
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